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Current Members

The following law reform agencies are formal members of CALRAs:-
  • Alberta Law Reform Institute, Canada
  • British Columbia Law Institute, Canada
  • England and Wales Law Commission
  • Jersey Law Commission
  • Lesotho Law Reform Commission
  • Malawi Law Commission
  • Manitoba Law Reform Commission, Canada
  • Mauritius Law Reform Commission
  • Namibia Law Reform and Development Commission
  • New Zealand Law Commission
  • Nigeria Law Reform Commission
  • Scottish Law Commission
  • South African Law Reform Commission
  • Tanzania Law Reform Commission
  • Trinidad and Tobago Law Reform Commission
  • Uganda Law Reform Commission
  • Vanuatu Law Commission
  • Victorian Law Reform Commission, Australia
There are several other law reform agencies/bodies that are active in CALRAs affairs but do not have formal membership. There are also several individual memberships, including from Bahamas, Brunei, Falkland Islands, Germany, Ghana and Tonga.


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